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Sometimes, all it takes is a photo: Before & After Images

A great way to share the wealth of services I can provide to a client is usually accomplished by showing my visual portfolio of completed projects. Sometimes, they have been to a home where I have worked my magic. They then have seen “in person” how a room can be transformed either in it’s entirety or with the addition or elimination of a few items. Often, seeing that visual image reassures them that they too will be able to make changes within their own home; with the assistance of lmk interiors, ltd.

I thought it would be useful to share some before and after images of some of the work from lmk interiors, ltd. I am not showing entire rooms; more specifically items within the rooms that have been reused, reworked or refinished. To see more room views that have been transformed, go to my website at:

Reworked Window Treatments

before, lmk interiors, ltd.   after, lmk interiors, ltd.

We reworked these existing window treatments in a Master Bedroom. The sheers in the left photo were suspended from a wooden rod by wooden rings. They appeared outdated and saggy (about one foot of extra fabric pooled on the floor). The fabric was salvageable, so we redesigned the new treatments with that in mind. We used a traversing metal rod that was mounted into each corner, this created a “wall” of fabric when they are closed. Adding a bronze banding fabric to the top and bottom finished it off with a clean, sophisticated appearance. No more droopy fabric puddling on the floor nor off the mounting rod.

detail, lmk interiors, ltd.

Detail of top design and banding.




Replacing Window Treatments

before, lmk interiors, ltd.after, lmk interiors, ltd.after, lmk interiors, ltd.

As in the example above, we had something to work with in order to ruse it in the redesign. In this case, the wooden blinds in the photo on the left had been damaged by too much use and could not be repaired. They also did not provide enough warmth when the family sat down in the wintertime to eat at the table. We removed the existing window treatments and designed new thermal panels that not only provided room darkening capabilities, but also provided a blanket of protection against the elements. They are on a vertical channel system mounted on the sides of the window frames that allow the treatments to be in either an “up” position or “down” position (as shown in these photographs). A coordinating striped fabric window seat cushion was made to provide comfort for seating on the bench as well.

Sometimes There Is Nothing There

before, lmk interiors, ltd.  after, lmk interiors, ltd.  detail, lmk interiors, ltd.

This kitchen showroom space at NorthShore Kitchens Plus was not only transformed by the addition of the window treatments, but also the faux wall finish and glass tile backsplash. For the showroom space below, playing with contrasting colors for the window treatments and wall finish made for an interesting transition from a contemporary kitchen vignette to a more traditional one within a shared space.

before, lmk interiors, ltd.  after, lmk interiors, ltd. detail, lmk interiors, ltd.

Reusing Family Heirloom Furnishings 

One of my clients redesigned her kitchen/dining room and family room area. I was engaged to transform her heirloom dining set to fit with the new environment. We reupholstered the side chairs along with the arm chairs. We also created a decorative valance for the window treatments above the sliding glass doors; coordinating all of the fabrics as well as adding a coordinating area rug.

before, lmk interiors, ltd.  before, lmk interiors, ltd.  after, lmk interiors, ltd.

The images below showcase a guest bedroom redesign. It began with reupholstering a family arm chair. Bedding, window treatments, faux painting on the walls and a whole bunch of decorative pillows followed!

before, lmk interiors, ltd.    after, lmk interiors, ltd.

Do We Buy a New Sofa or Reupholster Our Comfy Favorite One?

Honestly, depending on the fabric selected, a new sofa can cost the same or less than reupholstering your existing one. It is a matter of personal choice. If it has served you well and is showing wear that is beyond repair, it may be time to purchase a new one. But if it is a matter of adding some new padding to your seat cushions and covering it with some fresh fabric, than that is the way to go.

before, lmk interiors, ltd.  after, lmk interiors, ltd.

My Amazing Team             

After beginning my residential interior design business eight years ago, I was quite lucky to find amazing resources early on to assist with the execution of my designs. I have been working with this team for 6-8 years now and value the incredible quality of their work as well as the integrity they demonstrate in their businesses. I look forward to many more years of using their services to provide quality, and unique designs for my clients.

Upholstering: Julio Cruz of J.C. Upholstering

Window Treatments: Cathy Crist of Refinements, Inc.

Faux Painting: Julie King of Samarra Faux Painting

As always, please feel free to contact me regarding any of your interior design needs or questions at lmk interiors, ltd. (978)335-1140 or